Live ON Purpose!: Shelby Hiser Fund


Shelby Hiser, a quadriplegic from Henderson, and his family have lost the use of their van. It no longer runs and is beyond repair. The family is currently putting his wheelchair on a trailer and physically picking him up and placing him in their vehicle to transport him.  The family didn’t come to me. I went to them after being told by someone who heard about it.

So in order to have the proper transportation for their needs, it is my goal to help raise $40,000 for the Shelby Hiser family. One of many ways that we will do this is by giving a monetary donation  to Live ON Purpose!(tax-deductible). By hitting the “donate” button above, you can be apart in giving to this great cause!

If you would rather mail a check, then please send to:

Live ON Purpose!

7898 Westbury Ct.

Henderson KY 42420

Thanks for your consideration!