Relationships Matter: Todd Satterfield


It has been over 4 years ago since I set at this very table at Applebee’s with Todd Satterfield in Henderson, KY. I knew Todd, but then again I didn’t really KNOW him until we met “eye to eye” and had a “heart to heart”. It was a beginning of a special friendship that changed my perspective on life.

After only a few moments of looking into his eyes and hearing his words, I could tell he longed for more in life. We discussed discipline and structure the most at the beginning of our conversation. We both agreed society as a whole runs from both, but in the end discipline and structure help us to stay focused on our purpose.

Then we began to talk about our ultimate purpose, glorifying God! That is when the conversation got “real”. He shared with me his struggles and regrets, how he wanted to truly know the Lord, and have a personal relationship with Him. We discussed the Bible and how we would start to read and examine it. As the lunch ended, we had more to say so we continued our conversation in my car. Those conversations never ended until he left us on 8/10/13.

I knew him less than many of you, but I am just thankful for the times we shared. Our friendship revealed to me how superficial most of my relationships are. So from that point, I have intentionally prayed to go “deeper” with all my relationships. First and foremost with Jesus, but also with my wife, children, family, friends, and the hurting. You see I want my life to matter, not by what I get, but by what I give and how I love. I want much more spiritually than a daily text, a quiet time, attending a church service, or praying before meals. I want to be at my best daily to glorify God and for others to say I see Jesus IN him!

May this story remind you that Relationships Matter! In the end, they are all we have so we should never discount the power of taking time to invest in others and share His love. I promise you of all the investments I have seen, investing in the Kingdom is the best!

So thank you Todd Satterfield for the “eye to eye” and the “heart to heart” talk because you helped change a life and it WILL continue…