The next time you have an “issue” remember this…


Reminding myself daily to live intentionally for the Lord, allows me to encounter moments and people that put my “issues” in perspective. As I visited with Shelby Hiser a few days ago at Methodist Hospital, I saw the power of the human spirit.

The inner strength that Shelby has is something great to witness. The God that he serves is greater than ALL of his obstacles. I know that Shelby has a purpose and God has a plan for His people. He can’t at this moment use his hands and feet for Jesus, but Shelby does use and show His heart for Jesus. For that matter, that is what HE wants from all of us–our hearts!

Thanks Shelby for reminding me to focus on what I have more than what I don’t have, to focus on the God who IS not just the God I WANT, and to focus on serving others because I end up receiving the blessings…+1