Love People Where They Are…


I met Zach O’nan when he was a youngster living across from us on Irish Ivy Lane. One of my first encounters with Zach was late one evening I caught him dangling out his bedroom window having a few puffs on a cigarette. From that time, Zach went on to battle substance abuse and addiction.

For many years he battled this way of life, but now I can say that he is free from the lifestyle because of prayers, patience, professional help, love, and church. I thank God for Zach and his new life in Christ!

He is now married to Jessica, and they have recently had a son, Avery Alexander. After reading their recent article in the Gleaner, I was inspired by what God will do when we stay focused on Him and His purpose for our lives. His quote about being a father especially touched me, “Being a father means I have to take a lot of responsibility for my family and for how he is raised and how he sees me. I want to try to raise him to be the best that he can be. I want to be a good dad, a great dad, an awesome dad, a godly dad.”

Thanks Zach, Jessica, and Avery for deciding to Live ON Purpose!