The man behind the movement

Everyone has a story, and this is Joey Davenport’s.

At a young age Joey learned from his parents to stay focused, be about discipline, and to finish anything he started to the best of his ability. They also taught him a simple lesson that has carried him throughout his entire life: to always say thank you. He was taught to pray for people, but to also pray with people. Another core value that was instilled into Joey was that he would be identified by his commitments… and this man is committed.

An accomplished athlete

Growing up, Joey became a high caliber athlete competing at the collegiate level in basketball. He was an all-state player and [is still the] all-time leading scorer for his high school in Webster County, KY. When he graduated, he went on to play NCAA Division 1 basketball at Samford University where he is the 4th all-time leading scorer, all-time leader in free throws made and attempted, and a 3-time all-conference player.

“If two balls can fit into one goal at the same time, why can’t I fit in one?”

As Joey prepared mentally for games in the locker room, his prayer was to let others see Jesus in him. He would always say, “If two balls can fit into one goal at the same time, why can’t I fit in one?” And that’s how Joey became known as “the kid who could shoot the lights out.”

How Joey discovered his God-given design

What made Joey Davenport successful wasn’t just based on his skill on the court. It was the values at his core. The discipline. The determination. The focused intensity. Heart. And passion. All of these values led him to Practice ON Purpose and to Play ON Purpose, which is truly where God birthed this mission inside of Joey.

In the midst of a wonderful career in sports, his focus on living intentionally and helping others find their purpose has taken center court in his life. He is a man after God’s heart, living a life worthy of the calling, and doing whatever he can to lead others one step closer to Jesus.

The origins of Live ON Purpose!™ and the +1 Movement™

Live ON Purpose!™ started in a text to one friend. Sharing spiritual inspiration. Different quotes from pastors and authors. It’s transpired into a daily message as the list of people receiving it grew by word of mouth. Today, it is estimated that more than 10,000 people in over 50 different area codes and more than 10 countries are reading and sharing with their friends via text message!

The +1 Movement™ was a thought that developed out of Live ON Purpose!™: to do for one what you wish you could do for all. The +1 mission is this: “To do one thing every day that brings some+one closer to God.” This is simple. A lifestyle. A posture of serving others. A way to truly change the world.

The +1 encounter that set this movement into motion

Another uniquely determined and focused man, Todd Satterfield, who was diagnosed with stage-four esophageal cancer, became great friends with Joey through a +1 encounter. As time passed, Joey shared this +1 one thought-vision with Todd, and Todd felt led to run with it. It became his mentality. Even in his sickness, he was doing something every day to lead someone closer to a relationship with the Creator God.

Todd inspired thousands with his fight and his faith. He was determined to beat cancer. His life was both inspirational and contagious. Jesus shined so brightly through this man that others who recognized it couldn’t get enough. Up until Todd’s last days on earth, his faith and +1 mentality were his focus in a hospice unit. God used this man’s life. His death. To build a legacy. A movement.

The movement continues

In tribute to his friend Todd Satterfield, Joey is leading the +1 Movement as it is growing rapidly in the United States and to other countries all over the world.

Joey lives in the bluegrass state of Kentucky with his wife Amy and two children, Cooper and Addison. He travels to speak to churches, teams, workplaces and other special events.