I know my age is just a number and here’s why…


As  I celebrated my 41st birthday yesterday, I considered it a privilege to pray with the Porter family just shortly before my friend Jeff Porter’s passing. I had known Jeff for a long time, but we were never close friends. As I prayed with Karen and Jeff’s parents yesterday, I realized I was praying in the very same room(#8) as my friend, Todd Satterfield, passed away in.

This hit me in so many ways because in just over one year two fathers from Cooper’s ABA basketball team are no longer with us. It reminds me that these years we call life have a number, and we just never know when it is our time. No one in the last few years told Jeff Porter or Todd Satterfield they were old, but they actually were if we measure “old” by the amount of years we have until we die.

All I know is that I have learned from both of these “young” men. They both died with faith, courage, humility, fight, and concern for others. I had “real” conversations with both of them about death and those they were leaving behind in their last days here on earth, and for those discussions I am forever grateful. You see when I went to Jeff and Karen’s home a few weeks ago, my main concern was Jeff and his relationship with Christ. When we discussed this he told me, “I know Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the LIfe and no man comes to the Father but by Him.”(John 14:6). Jeff went on to say He often felt Jesus’s presence and could see Him waiting on Him to take him home. I reminded Jeff that the Lord wasn’t just waiting for him in heaven or “out there” somewhere, but it is my belief as followers of Christ that Jesus’ was with us right then and there. His smirk after that comment brought me comfort and I believe with all my heart it brought him comfort as well.

Our discussion in their home wasn’t easy because Jeff made heartfelt statements about Karen, Henry, and Jack. He ask me questions I could not answer and will never be able to answer, but what he did was make me wonder. He made me wonder, “what would the world look like if we all had a sense of urgency and were vulnerable enough to discuss and ask questions about EVERYTHING we wondered about in life without fear of being judged?”

The answer to that question won’t be answered here, but my prayer is to embrace the life I have been given, love people when they least expect it, give more than others think is possible, ask questions, go deeper in my faith through prayer and reading the Bible, and when my time is come to know that I chose to Live ON Purpose! +1



Live ON Purpose!: Shelby Hiser Fund


Shelby Hiser, a quadriplegic from Henderson, and his family have lost the use of their van. It no longer runs and is beyond repair. The family is currently putting his wheelchair on a trailer and physically picking him up and placing him in their vehicle to transport him.  The family didn’t come to me. I went to them after being told by someone who heard about it.

So in order to have the proper transportation for their needs, it is my goal to help raise $40,000 for the Shelby Hiser family. One of many ways that we will do this is by giving a monetary donation  to Live ON Purpose!(tax-deductible). By hitting the “donate” button above, you can be apart in giving to this great cause!

If you would rather mail a check, then please send to:

Live ON Purpose!

7898 Westbury Ct.

Henderson KY 42420

Thanks for your consideration!

Relationships Matter: Todd Satterfield


It has been over 4 years ago since I set at this very table at Applebee’s with Todd Satterfield in Henderson, KY. I knew Todd, but then again I didn’t really KNOW him until we met “eye to eye” and had a “heart to heart”. It was a beginning of a special friendship that changed my perspective on life.

After only a few moments of looking into his eyes and hearing his words, I could tell he longed for more in life. We discussed discipline and structure the most at the beginning of our conversation. We both agreed society as a whole runs from both, but in the end discipline and structure help us to stay focused on our purpose.

Then we began to talk about our ultimate purpose, glorifying God! That is when the conversation got “real”. He shared with me his struggles and regrets, how he wanted to truly know the Lord, and have a personal relationship with Him. We discussed the Bible and how we would start to read and examine it. As the lunch ended, we had more to say so we continued our conversation in my car. Those conversations never ended until he left us on 8/10/13.

I knew him less than many of you, but I am just thankful for the times we shared. Our friendship revealed to me how superficial most of my relationships are. So from that point, I have intentionally prayed to go “deeper” with all my relationships. First and foremost with Jesus, but also with my wife, children, family, friends, and the hurting. You see I want my life to matter, not by what I get, but by what I give and how I love. I want much more spiritually than a daily text, a quiet time, attending a church service, or praying before meals. I want to be at my best daily to glorify God and for others to say I see Jesus IN him!

May this story remind you that Relationships Matter! In the end, they are all we have so we should never discount the power of taking time to invest in others and share His love. I promise you of all the investments I have seen, investing in the Kingdom is the best!

So thank you Todd Satterfield for the “eye to eye” and the “heart to heart” talk because you helped change a life and it WILL continue…

Love People Where They Are…


I met Zach O’nan when he was a youngster living across from us on Irish Ivy Lane. One of my first encounters with Zach was late one evening I caught him dangling out his bedroom window having a few puffs on a cigarette. From that time, Zach went on to battle substance abuse and addiction.

For many years he battled this way of life, but now I can say that he is free from the lifestyle because of prayers, patience, professional help, love, and church. I thank God for Zach and his new life in Christ!

He is now married to Jessica, and they have recently had a son, Avery Alexander. After reading their recent article in the Gleaner, I was inspired by what God will do when we stay focused on Him and His purpose for our lives. His quote about being a father especially touched me, “Being a father means I have to take a lot of responsibility for my family and for how he is raised and how he sees me. I want to try to raise him to be the best that he can be. I want to be a good dad, a great dad, an awesome dad, a godly dad.”

Thanks Zach, Jessica, and Avery for deciding to Live ON Purpose!

Meet my friend, Grant Coughlin!


Grant is an awesome kid. I think he is awesome because he calls me Dr. D sometimes. No, but he really is a cool kid.

Grant is the epitome of discipline and commitment. Why do I know this? Well, because I have watched his focus when it comes to building an elaborate city of Legos. A city with it’s very own Mr. B’s Pizza & Wings. Take this picture for example, his spaceship has over 900 Lego pieces. Grant focused in on the task and accomplished it in under 2 hours! We could all learn from his focus, determination, commitment, and discipline to reach goals.

Grant’s inspiration reminds me to guard against stereotypes, to not limit someone’s potential based on a diagnosis, and to look at everyone as God’s masterpiece!

Thanks Grant for being you, inspiring me, and making me your +1!

-Dr. D

A Servant Never Retires…

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As Amy and I drove to Chicago for Hilliard Lyons meetings, we encountered Ms. Alice in Mattoon, IL. As I watched her serve others, I was intrigued by her commitment to detail and how she interacted with everyone as they ate. I introduced myself to her and she told me briefly about her background and that she was a widow. She chooses to work to “give her something to do”, but I saw something different from this 87 year old that lives as if she is 67. She talked about texting and emailing her children, her grandfather having been a pastor, her father having been a committed Sunday School teacher, her Methodist church, and even the fact she mows her yard.

So thanks Ms. Alice for sharing a little bit of time with us, but more importantly showing your servant’s heart to people daily. Keep doing what you do to brighten breakfast every morning, never retire from serving, and do not start acting your age…

Relationships matter…

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Over 3 years ago, Amy and I were sitting having dinner at Roppongi Japanese Steak and Sushi Restaurant in Evansville, IN. In came 3 Eastern Illinois baseball players, to eat beside us at the hibachi grill. I began to talk with them about their season, and how I remembered being “out on the road” as a college athlete.

As Amy and I finished and got up to leave, we decided to pay for their meals. I told them the one catch was I needed their numbers to put them on the morning Live ON Purpose! Text list. I explained to them what it was and they agreed to join. I know you are thinking that any college student would join up for a free meal, but guess what happened next…

Every once in a while I would get a response from them about how they liked the messages and what it meant to them. Now some 3 years later, one of the guys, Dane Sauer, has reached out to me to tell me how Christ is working in his life daily. He is sending the messages to friends and family members. He really feels great how God is working in Him and through Him.

Dane is having a major influence on his family in Chicago. His grandmother, Patricia Alexander, has emailed me to let me know how proud of Dane she is. She is delighted with his commitment to Christ and the excitement he has to spread the morning messages.

You see a hello, a smile, a hug, a note, an ear, a text, or a paid for meal can really influence people. Never ever, ever discount the power you have with Christ as your guide to help others feel His love and power!

Thanks Dane for reminding me that ALL relationships matter!!

Relationships matter: Focus on can, not can’t!


Meet my friend, Pete Petro, he scored a 35 on his ACT and is currently finishing his freshman year at Samford. Pete is one of the most popular students at Samford University. He has muscular dystrophy but what Pete “gets” is that he must focus on what he can do, not what he can’t do!

I haven’t known Pete long, but what I see in him and through him I greatly appreciate. Pete brought down the house last Friday with an awesome toast to the bride and groom. Soon after that Amy and I were talking with his dad, Paul Petro. He told us many great things about their family but most importantly he told us, ” I thank God everyday that I get to be Pete’s dad.” At that very moment, I was reminded that, “the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”(1 Samuel 16:7)

I shouldn’t feel sorry for Pete or his family. I should actually feel sorry for my lack of appreciation for Amy, Cooper, and Addison because ALL relationships matter. Until we meet again Pete Petro, I appreciate your heart, the fact that we are brothers in Christ, and for you making me your +1!!

Relationships matter…


Travis and Heather Ford are two of the first people to be added to the Live On Purpose morning text many years ago. I greatly appreciate their support of this movement. Travis was very supportive of Todd Satterfield, both publicly and privately, and for that I am grateful and so are all the Satterfield’s!

The Ford family and my family go way back and that is a story or series of stories for another day, but what I am thankful for at the present time is to be able to just be a friend who can listen and pray for them. When you are in the public eye or in leadership, many times what you need most is, not only a friend; but also a praying friend. No matter how much money you make, how many friends you have, or how many people think that you have it all nothing takes the place of Jesus, prayer, and relationships!

In closing, I am thankful for the Ford family not because of what they have done or where they have been, but who they are to me and my family–Friends!

Do we?

Live ON Purpose!™

As I spent the morning going from a neighbor’s funeral to a friends hospice room, I am reminded that life is precious! When I encounter days like today, I want to see how I can be a better person because of where He places me. So today I wondered…

Do we love our neighbors as ourself?
Do we want what’s best for others or just enough so they won’t have more than us?
Do we pray believing God does heal and bring peace? or Do we pray because we think it is just what we are supposed to do?
Do we give without guarantee of return?
Do we realize that we need prayer when things are great and not just when they are bad?
Do we really share how we feel or how we want others to think we feel?
Do we stay busy on what matters most to God or what matters most to us?
Do we promote God or ourselves in daily activities?

Sometimes the toughest questions in life are the ones that reveal the answers we need to hear, in order, to be all that God created us to be…Live ON Purpose!