What is Live ON Purpose™?

Live ON Purpose!™ is about leaving your mark on the world.

If you want to be known as someone who leaves a dent in the lives of others, this is for you.

It’s about pursuing your unique God-given design.

We believe we were uniquely designed for a purpose by the Creator, and it’s time to start living our lives on purpose. It’s time to stop accepting the lies and labels that hold us back and start living our lives like they matter…because they do!

It’s about living intentionally.

We aren’t satisfied with the status quo, and we don’t want to live our lives just to “get by.”

It’s a community of people who are excited about changing the world.

Live ON Purpose!™ is a nation-wide campaign we’ve started to encourage people to do something daily that makes a difference.

How to Get Involved

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  • Join the new +1 Movement™. Learn More
  • Check out the interactive Live ON Purpose! +1 Movement Map that is tracking the growth across the globe. Add yourself and your city
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What is the +1 Movement™?

The most simple way to make a huge difference.

The +1 mission is simply this: “To do one thing every day that brings some+one closer to God.”

The +1 mission is simply this: “To do one thing every day that brings some+one closer to God.” Imagine what would happen if hundreds of thousands of people would accept this simple mission for their lives.

Be a part of something that God is using to bring people closer to Him.

This movement is so simple that it’s spreading rapidly across the globe. You can track the growth on our interactive Live ON Purpose! +1 Movement Map.

I want to join the Movement!

All you need to do is let us know! Please add yourself to the map and start spreading the word to your friends and family about how they can get involved as well. Like we said… it’s that simple!

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The Origins of Live ON Purpose!™ and the +1 Movement™

Read more about the story behind the movement and about our founder, Joey Davenport.