+1 Encounter….


Sometimes we think we are going to help change some+one’s life and they end up changing ours…


As we go through life God allows us the privilege to have many relationships. In my life, I have been blessed to have many because of sports, business, church, and growing up in rural America. Almost three years ago I encountered some+one that I met with over lunch to “help”. My arrogance got the best of me because that some+one “helped” me. That some+one was Todd Satterfield.

From our first discussion about discipline, yes I remember the very first thing that we discussed at Applebee’s. We both agreed that people want and need discipline. We both agreed that we are not the busiest generation but the most distracted and undisciplined generation. By focusing in on removing these distractions, we then allow ourselves to be what God created us to be: compassionate, loving, giving, and obedient.

What I learned from our first conversation and the hundreds that followed was that our +1 encounters are as much for us as they are for the some+one that we are trying to “help”. I learned that the world will tell us that we can’t possibly Live ON Purpose! daily, but I believe that with God’s help we can.

So I am thankful that our paths crossed that day. I am thankful that I saw the epitome of dignity, character, loyalty, and commitment to the Lord to his last breath as he battled cancer. Some have questioned what is this celebration of a person’s life all about in such a tragedy. To that I say the celebration is that Todd Satterfield’s life IN Christ touched thousands and all we are trying to do is touch +1 daily.

Two months ago today about this time he left us physically, but I can promise you his legacy lives on through those of us he touched daily. His legacy lives because he got “it”: There is a testimony in the faith that you live with, but more importantly the faith that you die with…Eternity ON Purpose!

Miss my friend…ON Purpose!

  • Becky Adamson

    Joey, God sure had a bigger vision than a simple meeting of you helping someone.
    God already knew the journey He was going to set the two of you on, and the rest of us
    has been blessed and privileged to share it in.Thanks so much for your obedience. Even though Todd’s part was for a short time, God is still “Fulfilling ON Purpose” the rest of His
    story. I’m sure he is watching from heaven in awe of what God is still doing with the +1

  • http://batman-news.com Kathy Satterfield

    May be one of the best photos I have ever taken :) … cannot believe in less than 24 hours from that pic, he went to Hospice and never came back home. <3